Questions & Answers

Is the Polish language difficult?

The Slavs learn Polish very quickly. People who have not had contact with Slavic languages need guidance to get a grip on both the phonetics and the grammar – the art of operating words and building phrases in Polish. Polish is difficult for the start, but learning gives a lot of satisfaction.

How quickly will I learn Polish?

It depends on many things: motivation, self discipline, focus on understanding of grammar, doing homeworks and experimenting with the language. During an intensive course 3 times a week, you can learn Polish up to A2 level in about 10 months.

Which state examination is taken by the most students?

The B1 level exam is the most popular.

What must a very good Polish teacher be like?

1. He should be a real mother tongue expert but also professionally prepared to teach foreigners.
2. He should be able to explain difficult issues in a simple way.
3. He should not so much teach, but help you in the process of self-learning. The teacher should be
your guide, coach, one who motivates and encourages.
4. The teacher should have experience.

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