My name is Anna Siciarek.
I am a professional teacher of Polish and coach.
I can explain Polish grammar system in English.

Why me?
✓ specialist of polish grammar
✓ state examiner
✓ unique teaching method

How to learn Polish effectively?

Method of teaching

You will be taught the right way from the beginning.
My holistic method is based on learning skills following the phrasal structure and cultural context. You will get short and clear comments on grammar, explaining difficult issues in a simple way.

Online lessons

I offer online lessons tailored to the student’s abilities and needs. We can choose Skype, Zoom or other agreed. The course also includes subscription, so you can enjoy some additional English/Polish materials. Highly qualified teacher will make you understanding Polish language much faster than the traditional course.

Understanding as a key to success

You can’t learn what you don’t understand, can you? Immerse yourself safely in the Polish language with your teacher! Authentic materials and communication situations will help you better understand the language!

Introduction to…


Anna is an excellent choice for anyone who really wishes to understand and use Polish correctly.
She is knowledgeable, patient and diligent. Lessons are friendly though demanding and productive.
Serious learners of Polish will learn a lot quickly. Highly recommended!

Andrew from London

Demanding, very professional, Anna is a high level teacher and very committed.She is proposing great variety of exercises and give permanent feedback.
Anna teaches her students to express themselves simply and clearly so that they can be comfortable and understandable in everyday life.
It is not possible not to make progress with Anna.

Bruno D. from Paris

I am from Ukraine and I have been studying with Anna for just couple of months and I see that my Polish is much better than it was. It is because that teacher very simply explains the linguistic difference between Polish and Ukrainian. These languages are similar and thats why I used to mix them up. But now the situation is much better. 🙂

Nazar from Kiev